My Second Novel, THE JANUS LEGACY, to be released in February 2014

Great news! DarkFuse will release my second novel, THE JANUS LEGACY, in February. It will be the featured novel of the month, and so will be released in limited edition/signed hardcover, paperback, and digital–just as THE GENESIS CODE was. It is another technothriller, this time with more of a biotech aspect to it. I’m very excited to be working with DarkFuse again! Stay tuned for another announcement concerning my first novella…

Here is the back cover synopsis:

Jeremy Magnusson’s life changes forever when his estranged father, the renowned physician Ivan Magnusson, is unexpectedly killed in a plane crash. Recently dumped by his girlfriend and suffering from a serious, likely fatal disease, Jeremy faces a choice: Take over SomaGene, Ivan’s highly successful custom organ cultivation and transplant operation, and inherit all his wealth. Or turn the job down and inherit nothing.

Only later, once he’s assumed the position, does Jeremy realize his father left him more than the company. He’s left Jeremy a special gift. A gift with the power to bring him everything he wants in life, but one that comes at a horrible cost, with repercussions and consequences he could never imagine, and that could very well change not only his life, but the lives and deaths of millions across the globe.

THE JANUS LEGACY—is it a gift or a curse? Does it bring life or death? Is it a miraculous new beginning for the human race or a step closer to the end of everything?

Some doors should never be opened…

THE JANUS LEGACY, the thought-provoking new techno-thriller from Lisa von Biela, author of THE GENESIS CODE.