Lisa von Biela worked in Information Technology for 25 years, and still claims there is no application she cannot break in testing.  She left the field to attend the University of Minnesota Law School, graduating magna cum laude in 2009.  She now practices law in Seattle, Washington.  One of her legal articles, a research piece published in the Food and Drug Law Journal, was cited in an amicus brief before the U.S. Supreme Court.  She currently serves on the editorial board of the American Bar Association’s quarterly publication, The SciTech Lawyer.

Lisa’s first publication was in The Edge in 2002.  She went on to publish a number of short works in various small press venues, including, Twilight Times, Dark Animus, AfterburnSF, and more.

Complete Bibliography (earliest to most recent):

“Vacancy” (THE EDGE #15, 2002)

“Gift Horse” (Horrorfind’s Fiction Page)

“Hunting with the Boys” (The Swamp)

“The Performance” (Alien Skin)

“Chain Reaction” (Alien Skin)

“Riptide” (

“Diversions” (DARK ANIMUS)

“Lost and Found” (Naked Snake Online)

“Resolve” (Twilight Times)

“The Scalpel’s Path” (Twilight Times)

“Unintended Consequences” (The Dark Krypt)

“Halcyon House” (The Dark Krypt)

“Waiting” (Flashquake nonfiction)

“Dodge and Burn” (Whispering Spirits)

“Exodus Hotel” (Dark Recesses)

“Final Approach” (Dark Recesses)

“Hideout” (AfterburnSF)

“Meat Market” (BLACK INK HORROR #6)

THE GENESIS CODE (DarkFuse, novel published May 2013; re-released by Crossroad Press July 2017).  Released as audiobook by Crossroad Press September 2017.

“Stilettos, Take Me Home” (DarkFuse’s Horror Doeuvres, July 2013)

THE JANUS LEGACY (DarkFuse, novel published February 2014; re-released by Crossroad Press July 2017)

“Caught in Time” (DarkFuse Magazine, February 2014)

ASH AND BONE (DarkFuse, novella published May 2014; re-released by Crossroad Press January 2018)

“Control House” (DarkFuse Magazine, May 2014)

BLOCKBUSTER (DarkFuse, novel published January 2015; re-released by Crossroad Press August 2017)

“Comfort Woman” (DarkFuse Magazine, May 2015)

SKINSHIFT (DarkFuse, novella published June 2015; re-released by Crossroad Press January 2018)

BROKEN CHAIN (DarkFuse, novel published September 2015; re-released by Crossroad Press December 2017)

MOON OVER RUIN (Blue Diner Press, novella published January 2017)

“Covet with Care” (Refractions, Vol. 5, Golden Fleece Press, short story in collection, published March 2017)

DOWN THE BRINK (Crossroad Press, novel published October 2017)

INCIDENTAL FINDINGS, A Nikki Avalon Thriller (Crossroad Press, novel published January 2018)

SCORCHED EARTH (Crossroad Press, novel published August 2019)



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