h3>When I first began writing dark fiction, my main goal was to write a story the reader simply could not put down.  Not a bad goal–we all need a little escape now and then.

Over time, I wanted to write stories that the reader couldn’t put down–and that would also give the reader something broader to think about.

I wrote my first novel-length work, THE GENESIS CODE, with these goals in mind.  I wanted to produce a novel that would entertain, but also one that would have something larger to say.  Employing a techno-thriller plot, THE GENESIS CODE explores the ethical and personal implications of the potential misuse of biotech advances.  I hope you enjoy it.

—  Lisa von Biela

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    • Hi Troy!

      Thanks so much for reading. And thank you for the article. I’m glad to see they’re coming up with new ways to fight resistant bacteria that aren’t so susceptible to resistance. This is something that really scares me–which is why I wrote about it.


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