Contact and Links

It dawned on me that I’m reachable/findable all over the place, but I’ve yet to compile that information nicely on my own web site.  So today, I rectify that!  If you’re interested in finding out what I’m up to, or checking out my work (whether it be books/writing, art, or photography/microstock), you’ve come to the right place.

In General:

You can leave comments on this website, and I’ll see them.  Given that you’re reading this page, you obviously know how to get to the website.

I’m out and about on Twitter.  Find me @lisavonbiela.

My LinkedIn Profile

My Books and other writing-related activities:

My Facebook Author Page

My Amazon Author Page

My Crossroad Press Author Page

My Smashwords Author Page

My Goodreads Author Page

My YouTube Page

My Artwork:

My Redbubble Page

My Pixels Page

My Photography/Microstock:

My Shutterstock Portfolio Page

My Dreamstime Portfolio Page


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