50% off DarkFuse Kindle Book Club Memberships–limited time!

From now to midnight EST on Halloween: 50% off 1st year memberships in the DarkFuse Kindle Book Club! 12 novels, 24 novellas of the best dark fiction out there–from Gothic noir to technothriller, and everything in between.

AND you get to pick 5 free previously published titles…

AND you get to hang out in the Dark Fuse Community with authors and fellow readers…

AND you get a free lifetime subscription to Horror D’Oeuvres, Dark Fuse’s micro-fiction site (where my “Take Me Home, Stilettos” awaits you!)…

AND if a title isn’t your cup of tea, you can exchange it for an Amazon Gift Card.

Check it out: http://www.darkfuse.net/darkfuse-kindle-book-club-new-membership-drive/


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