My first novella, ASH AND BONE, to be released in 2014

DarkFuse will release my first novella, ASH AND BONE, in 2014. While the specific date is to be determined, it will likely be late spring/summerish.

Unlike my two technothriller novels, THE GENESIS CODE and THE JANUS LEGACY, ASH AND BONE is a noirish horror/suspense tale set in the seedy fishing town of Cromwell Bay.

Every town hides secrets…and Cromwell Bay is no exception.

Eileen Maroni is running from her past, but she envisions a new life in the tough little fishing village, where no one knows who she is—including the police.

Frank Foster just buried his best friend, and is struggling to come to terms with the devastating loss and his own self-doubt.

Nothing will ever be the same for them again when their paths cross at the Harbor Motel, and they learn what lies behind the door of room #8.


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