THE GENESIS CODE is Released into the World…

In all the excitement, I’ve somehow managed to neglect to post here, though I’ve been busy as can be on Facebook.  THE GENESIS CODE officially released into the world on Thursday, May 2, 2013.  While every writer dreams of getting that first novel published, the reality is a whole new experience.  It is absolutely surreal to see my book, my bio, my work out there on Amazon!  It was even more surreal to see it ranked higher in sales than some Tom Clancy books for a brief shining moment (I’m sure due to the initial “surge” of sales from the delivery to the DarkFuse Book Club folks right at the release, but still!). 

So now I’m working to make sure the word gets out that THE GENESIS CODE is out there.  My fingers are firmly crossed for the manuscripts I have submitted (Novel 2, aka THE JANUS LEGACY, and the Novella that Resisted Naming for So Long, aka DARK CROSSROADS). 


It’s nearly here…May is coming and so is THE GENESIS CODE

I can’t believe it.  May is almost here, and with it will come THE GENESIS CODE.  It’s almost surreal to think about it, that in only a couple of weeks my first novel will be out there for the world to see.  I’m crossing fingers and hoping for a very successful launch…stay tuned for appearances and things like that.

THE GENESIS CODE — copy editing complete!

The excellent copy editors at DarkFuse have worked their magic and the book is being finalized now.  I consider myself a pretty decent self-editor, yet they managed to find things I missed and had some very on-point comments.  This is the first time I’ve seen a softcopy of the typeset version with the front matter, my dedication, everything in it.  It looks terrific!